My Favorite WordPress Theme For Affiliate Marketing

I want to start off by saying that we only recommend products that we personally use. Digital Asset Builders was built using GeneratePress. Our case study sites will be built with GeneratePress.

I wrote this piece to save you time, and hopefully make a few bucks in the process if you decide to avoid the endless rabbit-hole that is choosing a WordPress Theme. Yes, this post does contain affiliate links. But only because we actually use the product and believe in it. Saddle up, and find out why GeneratePress is our go-to.

Why GeneratePress

WordPress themes are a very big business.  I can’t tell you how many times I got sucked into hours and hours of testing different WordPress themes when I first started out as a digital marketer.  I spent tons of money I’ll never see back on themes I didn’t use.  Many of these themes are now old and bloated as well, with no real value.

I’ve written about some of my favorite themes on the Niche Pursuits blog a couple of years ago.  Things have changed for me, and now I personally only recommend the WordPress theme this site is built on. It’s called GeneratePress and it’s honestly the only theme you need. Mark and I are using it on our case study sites, and our Mentees will likely be using the same theme.

This theme is coded well, extremely fast and easy to use (even for beginners).

I’m not writing this piece to bash most WordPress themes.  Many themes have different uses and are great for other types of businesses outside of affiliate marketing.  But for content-centric websites, GeneratePress gives you all the customization options you’ll need to get started building a great-looking responsive website.

Why Picking a WordPress Theme Sucks

The biggest part that sucks about choosing a WordPress theme is the time sink associated with it.  I used to waste hours on end trying to find the perfect theme that “looked cool” without focusing on the actual content on my sites.  You have to choose your priorities.

When I first started online, my priorities were way off.  I cared more about the looks and sizzle than I actually did about putting the content together and doing the work.  Many beginners fall into this trap, so make sure you don’t.

It’s much easier today with several website drag & drop page builders out there which allow you to fully customize almost any theme.  This means you can start with a basic and cleanly coded theme like Generate Press and customize the home page & category pages as you see fit.

There are other slim WordPress themes are out there which provide similar speed results, but I find Generate Press is the easiest to use.  I will continue to use it until I have enough revenue to warrant a custom design, which is something I think every site should consider once the revenue has been proven.

Why Generate Press is My Jam


There’s a few reasons I absolutely love GeneratePress.  I’ll list those out below.  But if you want the TL; DR version (too long didn’t read) then I would sum it up to say it’s one of the easiest themes to learn and use that I’ve come across.

The customization options of the premium version are excellent, and it doesn’t take a doctorate degree to learn (ahem… Thesis themes back in 2014… so… much…time…wasted). 

But I digress… let’s look at why Generate Press is all you need.

Ease of use: I said it above, GP is easy to use.  Even if you need to use some custom CSS (design) on your site, it’s generally pretty easy to plug it in and play right away. Everything which needs to be customized in the menu can be done rather quickly.

Customization options: There’s many different fields you can customize in Generate Press.  You can customize the Nav Bar, Logo, Menu, the typography of every part of the site from Heading Tags, content body, etc.  You can also customize the footer – literally everything you need to customize right in the theme.

Page-builder friendly: You can use Elementor or other Page Builders with Generate Press.  I’m using Elementor on this site for the Blog Page and the Home Page.  Everything else is pretty much standard without the use of a page builder on the site.

Cost: The Generate Press premium version is cheap.  It’s a budget-friendly option that won’t set you back a ton of cash, which is especially important if you are just starting out.  I think I’ve spent over $3000 on WordPress Themes in the last 4 years, and GP is by far the best theme for the money I’ve spent.

Templates: GP has tons of templates!  You can leverage their pre-built templates to create sections and full landing pages.  This allows you to use pre-constructed elements you can place on your pages at any time.  All are responsive and mobile-friendly.

Setting Up Generate Press

As I mentioned, setting up GeneratePress is easy.  It’s worth noting if you just use the free version of Generate Press, you won’t be able to leverage the full customization ability of the platform. 

You’ll want to purchase the premium version, to ensure that you have all the customization options you’ll need to customize your navigation, logo size, etc. Once you upgrade to the premium version, you have multiple options to change each section of the site, which gets enabled on the back end.

As you activate each module, you’ll get the ability to customize those elements in the customization frame.  You don’t need to customize your site on the back end, while wondering what it looks like on the front end.

Generate Press Has Multiple Uses

Because Generate Press has pre-built templates, you can use this theme for just about anything.  You can buy the unlimited license and build out multiple affiliate sites (although I don’t recommend this if you are a beginner) or you can build out business sites if you choose to take on clients.

GP is extremely versatile and will allow you to do pretty much anything you want to build, including lead gen sites, or blogs just like this one.  Some people want to create messy, magazine-style sites.  You can actually create clean, fast loading responsive websites with GP and stick to a Magazine style format.

I’m currently working on a course, which will outline how you can use Generate Press to build your site from the ground up.  I want people just starting out to understand how little technical knowledge you need to just get started.

Honorable Mentions

I’ve used probably over 40-50 different themes in my time as an internet marketer.  Most of them can be confusing resource hogs which make building out a site pretty difficult.  There’s a few additional options worth mentioning below if you’ve tried Generate Press and just don’t care for the theme.

Here’s just a couple other themes I’d give a nod to as worth testing.  I’d recommend you don’t go theme crazy if you are a newbie – it will waste a ton of your time, and may even hold you back from taking action which is why most people fail in building an online business.

Other themes I’ve used and like:

Astra: Astra is second on my list.  I have an active license, but don’t use it because I’m a GP fanboy.  I’ve used it in the past and it’s pretty easy to use.  It’s fast like GP, and doesn’t carry a bunch of crappy code which slows down your site.  It also works well with Elementor or other page builders, making it a versatile option for those who want complete control over how their site looks.

Newspaper: This theme by MyThemeShop was one of the first themes I used for the site I exited for a multiple six-figure amount.  I started with StudioPress, but moved up to Newspaper, and it worked very well for what the site was until I paid for a custom design.  The header can be customized to be a smaller area, allowing your content to be front and center.  It’s fast, and looks great on mobile as well.

StudioPress: Studio Press themes (Genesis Framework) are what I originally cut my teeth on.  This was the second framework I used to build my very first profitable website I later sold.  Their themes are coded cleanly and run well.  My only beef is they don’t customize as easily as others I’ve used.  They may have made customization improvements in the last couple of years, but I haven’t gone back and tested to find out.

Final Thoughts

Picking a theme is a personal decision.  As an affiliate marketer, you want the theme that runs quickly, cleanly and get your content in front of your reader ASAP.  The one mistake you can make in your affiliate marketing journey is to spend too much time messing with themes and things that don’t matter at the detriment of putting out great content.

This is why I’m recommending Generate Press as my theme of choice, and ultimately I think anyone who uses it will be extremely happy with the results right out of the box. If you decide to customize it, you’ll be even happier after spending a little time tweaking it to make things look right.

If you feel like you’d like to give Generate Press a try, you can get the premium version right here.

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