The Digital Asset Builders Team

Meet Mark & Jason

About Jason Wilson

My name is Jason Wilson and I’m a nerdy digital marketer (it’s a safe space for us).

I’m married with 4 kids.  My wife and I started dating in high school, and finally married in 2004.  She’s been stuck with me ever since. I’m a self-proclaimed nerd.  I LOVE Star Wars and admittedly listen to EDM or movie scores when working on my websites.

How I Got Started

In 2013, I started following a friend of mine, Spencer Haws at Niche Pursuits.  I built my first website using his teachings.  My first site was AWFUL!  Spencer was awesome and helped me quite a bit, but he had a business to run.

I made a ton of mistakes on my first site, and learned through trial and error.  Eventually, the site did grow to about 500 visits per day, but it couldn’t be monetized because of the niche it was in.

I made my first internet dollar in 2013 though, and I was hooked.  Fast forward to 2014, and I sold two websites through Empire Flippers.  This was my “light bulb” moment.  At the end of 2015, I sold another site for a “mid” five-figure dollar amount.

I started another big project in 2016 and decided to stop playing small.  This project would go on to make over six figures per year in revenue, and I sold it in late 2018. I also recently sold another site in April of 2019.

About Mark Jenner

Hi, I’m Mark Jenner. I’m 41 years old going on 25, and married with 2 children. I live out in the country in the UK where I drink too much and BBQ too much. I’m bascially a walking, middle aged cliche.

I’ve always loved technology and science from a very young age, and have spent a life time studying and working in electronic engineering, IT and technical roles.

I’m a very active person, play a few sports – when I get the chance – love socialising, being outside or in pubs and clubs…bascially anywhere but home alone! Yet I also do love a lazy day on the sofa watching sci-fi, comedy, and drama films or TV.

How I Got Started

I played a lot of online poker for years, where I was OK, but not brilliant. I’d often win a few bob over the course of a couple of weeks, then blow it all in one night during a drunken emotional rage over a ‘bad beat’ hand or two. Tilt was my thing!

I decided back in about 2012 that the game was no longer for me. I was barely winning more per hour long term than I earned at my day job, and the fun had gone out of it.

So I decided to look for something else where I could make a bit of extra pocket money. And that’s when I somehow discovered website building and SEO.

There are in some ways, a lot of similarities between poker and website building:

You Can Choose When and Where to play – or Not to:

The market you choose to enter in SEO, is a lot like the table you sit at in poker. If you cannot see the fish, then you are the fish, so get up and find another table!

If you cannot see sites in the market you are choosing to enter that you can easily beat, pick a different market or niche!

You Need to Be Constantly Thinking and Learning

In poker, you need to learn the math of the game, macro strategy, micro tactics, be a high level strategist and be able to adapt and change with the flow of the table, and the entire game over time.

Likewise, nothing stays still with SEO. What worked last year, may not work anymore today.

You Don’t Have to Play Every Hand

In poker, deciding what hands to play, when and how is a critical and learned skill.

In site building and SEO, you have to pick the KWs and topics you target wisely, as well as how to tackle them.

You Do Not Have to Be The Best in the World – Just Better than Some

You do not have to be the best poker player in the world to make money. You just need to be in the top 2 or 3 at your tables.

You will not win every hand, or even every session, but if you learn enough, think better, and work harder – both on and off the table – and if you do enough things just slightly better than the majority, then you will make money.

At website building and SEO, it’s the same. You don’t have to be the best. You do need to learn – a lot – and when you have enough understanding, be able to look around you and say with confidence (and be right enough of the time) that you are better than those who will surround you in your chosen market or niche.

After Giving up on Poker

After deciding to quit poker, I somehow decided I wanted to make money online. I’m not exactly sure how the seed was planted, but back in 2012 it was.

I studied everything I could for perhaps 15 to 20 hours per week, for 4 months, reading all forums and blogs I could find, before I even bought a domain.

When I’d studied enough to understand how people built a site, got traffic, and earned money from it, I then looked around a few SERPs and (arrogantly) thought: “Yep, I can definitely be better than many of them!

And so I Jumped In

And here I am still, 8 years later, still playing and enjoying the game, having gone full time at it some 4 years ago when my website income was over treble what I earned at my day job.

I enjoy site building and SEO. I enjoy the process, the constant learning, the testing, strategising, systemising. The math, the science and art of it, programming automation tools. 

I enjoy treating it like a game. Trying to level up skills, while beating others within a fixed set of rules. A friendly game of course.

And luckily – unlike in poker – I cannot blow my entire website portfolio and their revenue streams during a single drunken emotional rage over a ‘bad beat’ hand or two. I definitely made the right choice 😉

What Do You Both Do?

We love this question!  Here’s the easiest way to explain it….

  1. We create websites that generate free traffic from Google.
  2. We monetize them through affiliate marketing and display ads.
  3. Once they have an earnings history, they become “digital assets.”
  4. We grow these digital assets with new content.
  5. We will hold these digital assets for at least 2 years.
  6. After 2 years, we hold or sell, just like any other investment vehicle.

We both launched our first websites in 2012 and 2013, and since then, we’ve both created websites that generate over six figures per year in online income.

Why Did You Start This Site?

Because we enjoy teaching others.  Documenting our journey through affiliate marketing is something both of us always wanted to do, but neither of us never got around to it.

The information on this site includes income reports, traffic updates on our projects, software we use, and products we recommend.  Yes, we will have a few affiliate links on this site that will help pay the hosting bill if you decide to buy a service we like.

But that’s not why we started this site….

We started it because we  are both big on personal accountability.  We believe documenting our journey will help other people looking to make some money on the side, or turn their passion into a full-time online income.

While many people will say the world doesn’t need more internet marketing blogs.  But at the same time, We ask ourselves – what happens if we don’t share our journey? If we can impact just one person, it’s been worth it.

What Are You Working on Now?

I have multiple projects I’m currently working on at any given time.  A big focus is content production for this site, as well as video content so I can start coaching people through starting an online business.

We both have websites that are our sole focus in 2020, and we plan on continuing to leverage both time and effort into tour primary projects.  Our goals for these sites are 7 figure exits within a two-year timeline.

Can We Work Together?

Currently, we are not doing any type of consulting, but we might in the future. 

We are both extremely busy working on our own projects. We are also building our Facebook Group and trying to help the Internet Marketing Community at the same time, which leaves us both limited on time. 

It’s quite possible that we will have a paid group, or 1 on 1 coaching offer sometime in 2020 for people to take advantage of.